The main goals of the Project of Industrial Development and Promotion of Digital Archives and E-learning are as follows: to elevate the core abilities of the digital archives and e-learning industries, to create innovative models of learning, service and management, to increase market demands with sufficient rewards and incentives, to improve the efficiency of e-leaning industrial application to the level of 3 and 4, and to promote e-learning in view of the operation strategies of relevant industries.

The tasks of this project are listed below.
(1)To maximize the value of the academic-industrial collaboration by taking advantage of Taiwan’s first-rate academic research in e-learning and the matured level of relevant industries in capacity and production. This project seeks ways of building prototypes based on academic researches and then help relevant industries with the commercialization of academic knowledge.
(2)To increase value added applications by adapting emerging technologies and tools (such as mobile communications, game-based learning and flexible electronics) as well as emerging business models of e-learning contents and services.
(3)With regard to education industry (including carrier, marketing channels and publishing), the project will create various new markets and business opportunities by assisting publishers, transportation companies and e-learning corporations with the cooperation and integration of their heterogeneous businesses
(4)The e-learning industry would assist cram schools, which have developed into a large industry and an important part of Taiwan’s education, with the task of digitalization. It will extend the application range of e-learning, improve people’s efficiency in learning, and increase business opportunities for digital industries.
(5)To introduce experienced and professional lecturers and consultants from abroad.  This will raise the professionalism of Taiwan’s industries, encourage international communication and global marketing, and improve our understanding of the development and latest trends of e-learning industry in the global market. These will not only lead to the upgrade of Taiwan’s digital archives and e-learning industries, but also help improve the competence of other relevant industries.